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But I don't want to take a bath - Mildred Pope

Posted by Gina Schwartz on November 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM

But I don't want to take a bath

This is a lovely well illustrated children's story about a little boy who is just like all other little boys and does not want to take a bath.

I was able to read this story with my six year old son who loved the illustrations and the pranks to outsmart Mummy.  I loved that Mummy could not be outsmarted and saw through all of the pranks (yay Mummy).  I was also able to read this meaningfully with my one year old daughter who loved the pictures of the dog and the boyy.  There were pictures of objects familiar to her that I could point out to here to make the book reading a converstaion - a bath, a dog, a tree, Mummy, a ball.  I found that that was really great.

This story has another essential thing I require in a children's book and that is that it has words that are repeated I find that this helps youngsters learn and they reapeat the words as their language builds.  I find that this is so important and it was very present in this story which pleased me greatly.

The auhtor really considered her target audience of children and parents and modifying the size of the book it is large and sturdy enough for little hands as well as the length of the story which is just long enough before little ones start to lose interest.

Congratulations to Ms. Pope on a lovely story.

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