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I promised to have a section dealing with what kids are reading.  On this page I will share what my children are reading - what they like and dislike and give some tips for parents.

Bailee Elizabeth - 10 years old

As I mentioned before, Bailee Elizabeth is a voratious reader.  From an early age she was interested in anything in print - newspapers, magazines even cookbooks.  These days she wants to be a hairdresser but we will see.

Bailee's main reading interests these days are:

  • Mallory Towers
  • Nancy Drew
  • Little House Series
  • Septimus Heap Series
  • Roald Dahl

Notes for parents:

These are great books for young readers - especially the Little House Books.  They are all well written with good vocabulary - they are also clean reading with good moral values.  The Little House Books ( yes I am a little biased) also have the added advantage of being a true story which is always great.  The one thing to look out for in young readers is inappropriate content.  I once bought Bailee a book which was cited as a children's book which had alot of content about your parents getting a divorce which before then she had never considered.  This caused her alot of concern.

Joseph Robert Michael - 6 years old

Up to now Joseph is not a reader. He just can't sit still long enough.  He loves animals though and I have had some success with books about animals.  Our favourite so far is the series which answers questions about animals for example "Why are Lions Lazy"; "Why are whales so big".  These are however unbelievably long and you will get tired reading if the child wants you to read all in one session.  The plus is though that they are chock full of information and new facts that children this age just sponge up.  You will learn all sorts of new things.  They are also useful for science projects etc so it is worth it.


Bria Ailsa Catherine

Bria Ailsa Catherine is only seventeen months old and with two older siblings does not get alot of reading attention.  What we have done which has interested her as the early Dr. Seuss - everyone loves Dr. Seuss and some rhyming Sesame Street Books.  Right know she seems to be a fan of " Oh the things you can think" and "Shall We Dance' which is a cute "Golden Book" with a cha cha cha rythmn, colourfully illustrated with the Sesame Street characters we all love.

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