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A Conversation with God - Alton Gansky

Posted by Gina Schwartz on June 2, 2011 at 3:37 PM

A Conversation with God

A Conversation with God allows readers a one-on-one dialogue with God, his son Jesus, and other important men and women from the Bible as they respond to questions and concerns relevant to the Christian faith. The questions, in some cases hard-hitting, cover issues that have troubled believers and seekers since the beginning of time. Each answer is based on Scripture and written with the warmth and intimacy of a Heavenly Father relating to His child. Summary from Goodreads

My Take

This book was nothing like what I expected it to be.  I expected long bits of prose and with heavy explanations and bible quotations but this book was nothing liek that.  From the beginning it caught my interest by having a two way communcation style which was by no means preachy or condescending.  What I loved the most though was the way the author allowed one question to be answered by serveral bible "personalities".  This added some unique perspectives throughout.  There are even answers from some unlikely persons such as the Samaritan Woman.

The structure of the book was well researched and thought out with short chapters llowing the reader to think and reflect rather than being bogged down.  The topics of the questions were also topical and relevant to life today in 2011.

If I had one complaint it would relate to the size of the novel which is somewhat large and unweildly.

The Cover

Nothing special to recommend it.

Rating 3.75 Stars

I received a copy of this book for review from Booksneeze

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