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Where Hearts are Free - Golden Keyes Parsons

Posted by Gina Schwartz on November 8, 2010 at 3:29 PM

Where Hearts are Free

Golden Keyes Parsons

Where hearts are free is the final book in the Darkess to Light trilogy by Golden Keyes Parsons.  This novel tells the story of Bridget a young girl from a prosperous family who is in love with her family's indentured servant - Phillipe and the trials and love and life put in their way.

My take.

In any novel like this one you know what the ending will be before you even start.  What you are looking for is a good story to keep you interested until the end.  I have to say that this was a great story.  THis is the first book of the Darkness to Light trilogy that I read so basically I started at the ending but the book stands on its own with no problems or gaps in the storytelling.

Phillippe is the very picture of a gentleman and his love for Bridget is beautiful and overwhelming.  The contrast that the author writes between Philippe and Edward - Bridget's bethrothed is clever as while Philippe is all good - Edward is not initially portrayed as all bad.  In fact the reader does not get to know the real extent of his deception until almost ehe end of the novel.

I loved the historical references in the novel.  While I was familiar with the period of Louis XIV I was not aware the refugees from the Bastille ran as far away as America and the story of how Philippe and Charles were sold into indentureship is particularly heartbreaking.  There are also delightful references to Quaker traditions which are something that I am intersted in but know very little about.

As a Catholic I resented a little the references mad in the novel to Catholics as unbelievers but I put it past me in the beauty of the story.

I loved this novel.  I look forward to reading more from Golden Keyes Parsons.

I gratefully accepted this novel for review from Booksneeze,

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